You probably do a lot of things to boost your company brand — to ensure that when customers hear your name, they have positive thoughts.

Is landscaping on your list? If not, it should be.

That sea of vibrant, colorful flowers out front contributes to your brand. So does the appealing common area, where oversized planters brim with exotic tropical plants and kids happily splash their hands in your water feature.

How can your landscaping company and its services boost your brand? You’ll be surprised at all the ways

Landscape Elements As Branding
The right landscaping element can have so much appeal, your company becomes known for it.

On the campus of the University of Maryland is a giant M created entirely of flowers. It’s one of the most photographed spots on campus.

Riverview Landscaping crews plant the M with 1,000 sturdy red begonias in the spring and 1,000 cheerful yellow pansies in the fall. The flower-filled M is one of the most recognizable university landmarks. Branding.

There are lots of other ways landscaping can boost your brand. Be the business with the big fountain out in front, surrounded by colorful flowers.


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