There’s nothing like a brand new hardscape project. Pretty pavers arranged perfectly. Smooth concrete stretching out, flat and flawless as glass.

Then, something happens. Cracks appear. Pavers start to sink. Stains set in.

Suddenly, somebody trips.

Paul Weaver, construction manager at Riverview Landscaping, sheds some light on five of the most common hardscape problems, and how the expert crews at Riverview Landscaping handle hardscape repair.

Chipped Or Stained Pavers

We see lots of properties with chipped or stained pavers in walkways, driveways and patios.

Oil drips from vehicles can stain pavers. So can salt, if it’s incorrectly applied and gets ground into a paver’s surface.

Chips can occur in pavers from the wear and tear of vehicles driving over them.

We fix stains with a muriatic acid solution, scrubbing the stain, then hosing it down. If the stain is too severe for scrubbing, we remove the stained paver and replace it.

Chipped paver? We take it out and replace it with a new one that matches. In order to do a proper replacement, crews have to temporarily remove the pavers around the damaged one, too.


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